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Possibly one of the worst thing about this Eric is his complete lack of reaction when Pam tells him about Tara’s death. Is this the same vampire who called Tara family, and who valued his progeny and progeny in general as something sacred? And this also shows an appalling lack of respect and empathy towards Pam as a person, her grief, her loss, her sense of failure as a Maker.

Pam is telling him she’s all alone in the world. He is all she has left. And he doesn’t react or act as though he cares at all.

Now I’m hoping that this is just because he doesn’t want to let her in because he doesn’t want to admit he made a bad a bad decision in contracting HepV

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Where the fuck is Eric

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I don’t get why Jess is taking this so seriously can’t the other vamp not get into the house regardless?

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On the bright side this episode is going significantly better than all of seasons 5 and 6

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Reblog if you’re a former true blood fan and you’re not watching it tonight. 

Wish I had the willpower to not watch this mess

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I basically said the same thing just now in another post!  :-)

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Not gonna lie that was kinda hot 

still hate Alcide tho

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And the sex scenes begin

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Since when do vampires blaze…

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